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Wellness Websites

Starter Package or Custom Websites

Spiritual Design to Business Oriented Websites

Because I work in the practical world of web design and digital marketing as well as the spiritual world of energy, my designs range from the practical (eg. bcyukonadventures.com) to the spiritual (eg. http://www.soaringspiritwellness.com).

Starter Package includes what you need to Start

Fee – $500.00

If you have never had a website, you may be intimidated by how to begin. No worries, we can get you started since we have dealt with many beginners.
After a scheduled conversation, I will provide:

  • A domain name – This is your website address on the Internet (like OwwwLS.com). Think of it like your home address.
  • Website hosting – Just like your own home needs an address which people can send mail to through Canada Post, your website needs a place to live on the Internet. On the Internet, your website lives at a webhost.
  • I will design a 1 page website, like this 1 page website example. A popular solution these days is a long 1-page website, which allows the website to be quickly built. You will be up and running within 2 weeks.
  • Google Analytics – On the web, it is easy to keep track of who visits your website. Everything is tracked if you know what to do. I will teach you the basics.

Ready to Start?

Invest $500 + 5% tax in your Wellness Starter package!
I will contact you immediately to get started


Custom Websites Also Available

If you are looking for a more complex custom website, just contact me so that we may discuss options. Take note that for a custom website, the minimum investment is $1,000.